Lila Petersen Green Leaf Fund


Lila-Petersen-Green-Leaf-Fund-f application

Application deadline is April 15 for disbursement of funds for the June 1 through May 31 year.

Applicants must be involved in projects that meet the objectives (see below) of The Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc. Applicants may be organizations such as Girl Scout Troops, Future Farmers of America Clubs, member garden clubs, and/or other organizations or individuals involved in appropriate projects.

The amount of an individual grant is not to exceed $500. The amount will depend upon the applicant’s request, needs, and qualifications, and upon the amount available in the grant fund.

The application proposal must be presented in writing to the Scholarship Committee Chairman Judy Barnes, 3616 Schoolhouse Ln. Charlotte, 28226: 704-553-1413: Supporting evidence of need must be included.

Objectives of The Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc., Bylaws, Article II

1. To provide a non-profit, philanthropic, and educational association for the members.

2. To coordinate the interests of all member garden clubs by association, conference, and correspondence.

3. To study, in all its aspects the art of gardening, particularly horticulture, and to cooperate with agencies furthering such interests.

4. To encourage environmental improvement through civic development, beautification, restoration, and the protection and conservation of our natural resources.

5. To assist in educating our youth of our state in the areas of garden club activity.