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Dear NGC Members,

I have received information from the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show that they wish to share with our members.

This year, the Philadelphia Flower Show has introduced new photography classes to the Competitive Classes area of the Flower Show.  Attached to this email are three items:

  1. A document with the pages from the Exhibitor Guide with the description and exhibiting rules of these classes.  It will be easier to share than the whole Exhibitor Guide.
  2. The complete Exhibitor Guide for the show.  These new photography classes are on page 22.  The Exhibitor Guide can also be found on the website of the Philadelphia Flower Show at
  3. The Entry Form for these Photography Classes.  This entry form can also be found on the website of the Philadelphia Flower Show at

This is a great way for you to enter the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show if you don’t live in the Philadelphia area. They will be accepting 35 entries in each class. These entries will be juried by a panel of experts to narrow down to an appropriate number of photographs to be judged at the show.  The deadline for RECEIVING your entry is January 11, 2019.

Please share this information with all of your members.

Nancy Hargroves