Award Rules


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STATE AWARDS CHAIRMAN: Darene Fann Honeycutt
167 Hudsontown Road
Dunn, North Carolina 28334
910-567-6283 OR

Awards Year: January 1 – December 31

Deadline: December 1 is the deadline for all Award Applications to reach the appropriate State Awards Category Chairman (names listed with the award descriptions) unless otherwise stated. Do NOT send your award applications to the donors; state category chairs are listed with their addresses. *Yearbook application deadline is November 1!

Important information: GCNC, INC. AWARDS PROGRAM, THE SAR AWARDS PROGRAM, AND NGC AWARDS PROGRAM ARE 3 SEPARATE AWARDS PROGRAMS. YEARBOOK AWARDS, PRESSBOOK AWARDS, AND MEMBER AWARD OF HONOR ARE THE ONLY AWARDS THAT THE STATE CHAIR IS RESPONSIBLE FOR FORWARDING TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF COMPETITION. THE AWARD DESCRIPTIONS ARE DIFFERENT ON EACH LEVEL OF COMPETITION. GCNC HAS SIMILAR AWARD DESCRIPTIONS FOR SOME AWARDS, BUT THE DESCRIPTIONS ARE NOT EXACT. TO ENSURE THAT YOUR SAR AND NGC AWARD APPLICATIONS ARE COMPETITIVE, CLUBS MAY NEED TO TWEAK THEIR GCNC AWARD APPLICATION TO CONFORM TO THE SAR/NGC AWARD DESCRIPTIONS before making submissions for SAR/NGC! IT IS THE CLUBS’ RESPONSIBILITY TO APPLY FOR SAR/NGC AWARDS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE YEARBOOKS, PRESSBOOK, AND MEMBER AWARD OF HONOR. APPLICANTS MUST USE THE NGC AWARD APPLICATION FORM FOR ALL SAR/NGC AWARD APPLICATIONS. THESE APPLICATIONS MUST BE MAILED TO THE GCNC AWARDS CHAIR AS ONLY ONE APPLICATION IS FORWARDED TO SAR/NGC FROM EACH STATE. *Some past GCNC Awards Chairs (to include Darene) have previously retyped the top of the first page of the clubs’ award applications in order to forward some awards on to SAR/NGC for the award that best matches the GCNC award. *SAR awards do NOT automatically forward to NGC with the exception of Yearbooks, Pressbook, and Member Award of Honor. SAR yearbook winners are recognized at the NGC convention with a certificate; yearbooks are no longer judged at a national level. The NGC deadline for submissions is January 15 and the SAR deadline is January 25. All applications for SAR/NGC awards are due to GCNC Awards Chair by January 2 (no exceptions & no electronic submissions).

NOTE: The SAR Director’s Project Award applications are NOT mailed to the GCNC Awards Chair, but to the chair listed on the SAR website.

  1. The State Awards Category Chairmen will select the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention winners for each award in their category. The winning Award Applications, along with the completed “Category Winners of State Awards” forms for each award in the category, must be sent to the State Awards Chairman by January 2. 
  2. No award will be given unless the entry merits it and follows the rules for application. The Awards Committee reserves the right to place the entry in a different award category if the entry complies with another award. 
  3. APPLICATION FORMS: Please use the most current application form which contains topics to be addressed along with any supporting photographs. *A disclaimer has been added to the award application stating that all award applications submitted to GCNC, Inc. become property of GCNC, Inc. to be used on social media, the Internet, etc. for promoting GCNC, Inc. The club president’s signature is also required; clubs must have photo release forms on file for any photos included in award applications.
  •  There is a three (3) page limit, using only the front of the page. The application form counts as page 1.
  • Binders and vinyl sheet protectors are no longer required or allowed.
  • Applications will not be returned. Exceptions noted to include Books of Evidence.
  • Applications may NOT be submitted electronically to the Category Chairmen and the State Awards Chairman
    as past entries were not received or entered for judging due to technical errors. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation that your award has been received, please contact the category chair immediately; items do get lost in the mail.
  • Forms are available on the GCNC website, , and from the State Awards Chairman.
  •  This NEW application form should not be used for Flower Show Achievement Awards.

*Please use the yearbook guidelines that correlate with the NGC rules posted in this document.
It is recommended by the Yearbook Judges to set up future yearbooks with the data “in order” of the requirements for ease of judging.

  1. PROCEDURE FOR APPLYING AND DEADLINES: Complete the application form. Submit the original form (3 pages, only) to the Category Chairman by December 1st. Please submit by mail and include original and one copy. Keep one copy for your records. EXCEPTIONS TO THIS APPLICATION PROCEDURE ARE NOTED IN THE AWARDS LISTING.
  2. Only individuals, clubs or groups of clubs who are members of the GCNC are eligible for state awards. 
  3. Only councils, all of whose members are member clubs of GCNC, are eligible for awards offered to councils.  A CLUB IS ELIGIBLE FOR ONLY ONE AWARD FOR A SINGLE PROJECT, i.e., the same project should not be used for two or more award applications. When the same project is eligible for various awards, submitting exact duplication of Award Applications is not acceptable. All award applications are for the current year’s work unless stated as a two year project. (Do not submit applications for projects done in previous years.)
  4. First place for any award may not be won by the same club, council or individual in two successive years. (Exception: Awards having to do with largest number of items sold or planted, points earned and/or amount contributed in proportion to club membership.) A first place winner of any award is eligible to win 2nd, 3rd, or Honorable Mention for that award in the following year.
8. Winners of all awards shall be kept secret until announced at the Annual Meeting Awards Banquet.

SCALE OF POINTS FOR ALL AWARDS (except as noted in Awards Listing)

Presentation: 5 points
Neat, concise, includes all required information on the GCNC Awards Application Form (3 sheets, one side only) or Book of Evidence if required.

Achievement: 65 points
Scope of project, need and fulfillment, benefit, accomplishment, comprehensiveness of work, activities to attain goals, evaluation of goals reached, educational, prior planning, very brief history if continuing project, financial report, other. 

Participation: 15 points
Size of club, involvement of members, community, government agencies, professionals, youth, residents in facilities, other. Not all of these have to be involved.

Record and Documentation: 15 points 
Supporting data (as applicable); clear, well-­‐labeled and neatly attached before and after photographs (if applicable); landscape plan (does not have to be professionally drawn); financial report; letters of appreciation; community awards; newspaper/magazine articles and radio/TV script (if possible), etc. Photocopies are permitted.