The objectives of the Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc. are:

  • To provide a non-profit, philanthropic, and educational association for members.
  • To coordinate the interests of all member garden clubs by association, conference, and correspondence.
  • To study, in all its aspects, the art of gardening, particularly horticulture, and to cooperate with agencies furthering such interest.
  • To encourage environmental improvement through civic development, beautification, restoration, and the protection and conservation of our natural resources.
  • To assist in educating the youth of our state in the areas of garden club activity.


Our Collects

Official Collect
The Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc

Our Heavenly Father, who dost feed the birds and clothe the flowers and who knoweth and careth for every need of us, Thy children, so enlighten our minds to use wisely all the gifts of Thy Mighty Hand that we, being imbued with Thy Holy spirit, may so work Thy will that those who come after may mark their path by our footsteps.

For all the beauty of the earth, Father, in Heaven, we thank Thee.

For our families, our friends, our free and beautiful country, Father in Heaven, we thank Thee.

We beseech Thee of Thy great goodness and tender mercy to forgive our sins and grant that as we work together in fellowship we may draw closer to Thee, Almighty God, in whose name we pray. Amen

Marie Rehder Gerdes

Junior Garden Club Collect

Our Heavenly Father, God of all beauty, we thank Thee for thy goodness and loving kindness, which we can see expressed in the flowers, birds, and trees. Grant that we may show gratitude to Thee by cultivating in our hearts blossoms of love, the fragrance of sympathy, and tenderness towards all growing things; uprooting in our lives weeds of bitterness, thorns of criticism and tares of unkindness. Amen.

History of the Collect of GCNC (PDF)