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What’s the Value of One Member? 

Ten little members standing in a line, One dislikes the President, then there were nine.

Nine ambitious members offered to work late, One forgot her promise, then there were eight.

Eight creative members had ideas good as heaven, One lost enthusiasm, then there were seven.

Seven loyal members got into a fix, They quarreled over programs, and then there were six.

Six members remained with spirit and drive, One moved away, then there were five.

Five steadfast members wished there were more, One became indifferent, then there were four.

Four cheeful members who never disagree, Til one complained of meetings, then there were three.

Three eager members! What do they do? One got discouraged, then there were two.

Two lonely members, our rhyme is nearly done, One joined the brigde club, then there was one.

One faithful member was feeling rather blue, Met with a neighbor, then there were two.

Two earnest members, each enrolled one more, Doubling their number, and then there were four.

Four determined members just couldn’t wait, Til each won another, and then there were eight.

Eight excited members signed up 16 more, In another six verses, there’ll be a thousand twenty-four! by Rev. Joe Hoover Copyright 1999, All Rights Reserved.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc. is to provide a non-profit, philanthropic, and educational association for members. To coordinate the interests of all member garden clubs by association, conference, and correspondence. To study, in all its aspects, the art of gardening, particularly horticulture, and to cooperate with agencies furthering such interest. To encourage environmental improvement through civic development, beautification, restoration, and the protection and conservation of our natural resources. To assist in educating the youth of our state in the areas of garden club activity.

WINNERS OF 2019 AWARDS given at the Annual Meeting




New “Plant a Garden Club” brochure

Plant a new club brochure with GCNC contact

National Garden Clubs is the largest organized group of gardeners in the world. The mission of National Garden Clubs is to provide education, resources, and networking opportunities for its members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, civic and environmental responsibility. Read More.


There are classroom classes in Flower Show Schools, Environmental Studies, Gardening Study, Landscape Design and Multiple Refreshers plus Symposiums, online and private studies are Basic Horticulture, Design Study. We also work with children teaching them the love of nature, how to plant and protect our planet. Read More.


Awards offers opportunities for clubs, and groups of clubs to receive monetary awards for projects and programs worked on during the year so why not apply for an appropriate award. There are categories for small, medium and large clubs so that small clubs compete with similar sized organizations. Grants are available to be used towards direct expenses for an educational program. Read More.


To educate our youth, and to nurture a sense of stewardship in the next generation of gardeners, GCNC along with NGC has developed numerous projects directed at children and teenagers. This include many activities, scholarship and contests which promote a love of gardening, conservation, and environmental stewardship. Several are in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and Girl Scouts. Read More.


GCNC has several District and State Meetings, workshops and special events put on by member clubs. There is also a calendar which you can link to your digital calendar so you don’t miss any of the wonderful knowledge, fun, and friendship. Stay up to date by knowing what, when, and how. Read More.


This area is restricted to members of the Garden Club of NC. The forms and details of meetings, committees and contact information are in this section. The password is available from you club president and District Director.  Read More.


About Us

The Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc., a federated garden club, is a 501c3 non-profit volunteer organization. It has no restrictions based upon race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, or national origin.  We currently have 265 clubs and over 6,500 members in 140 towns and cities across the state. Read More.

News & Events

  • National Garden Clubs 89th Annual Fall Board Meeting – September 26-29, 2018 in Orlando, FL

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The Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc. provides several scholarships each year to deserving North Carolina college students with majors in horticulture, environmental studies, landscape design, botany and other related fields. Read More.