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Award Winners

2016 GCNC Youth Club Awards Banquet Winners

  1. Best All Round Club

1A K-3     The Hummers YGC    Mountain GC     District 1

1B 4-6       The Jr. GC of Dunn    Westhaven GC    District 8

1C 7-9       The Rock Squad        Advance GC       District 4

1D 10-12   Croasdaile Jr. Therapy Croasdaile GC   District 9

  1. Horticulture

2A K-3     Garden BEES YGC    Trent Woods GC            District 11

  1. Civic Development/Beautification

3A K-3     Garden BEES                        Trent Woods GC            District 11

3B 4-6       Little Sprouts                        Woodland GC    District 9

  1. Wildflowers

4A K-3      Snapdragons              Sardiswood GC   District 3

4B 4-6       Little Sprouts                        Woodland GC    District 9

  1. Bird Project

5A K-3     Garden BEES                        Trent Woods GC            District 11

5B 4-6       Little Sprouts                        Woodland GC    District 9

  1. Blue Bird Drawing

6A K-3     Buggy Bunch             Laurel Hills GC  District 10      Katelyn Rice                                                                          

6B 4-6     Little Sprouts             Woodland GC    District 9           Julianne Dale                                           

  1. Cardinal Drawing

7A K-3     Kinder-Gardeners         Cape Fear GC     District           Claire Costner                                          

7B 4-6     Little Sprouts             Woodland GC            District 9       Gavin Jordan                                             

  1. Bird Essay        

8A K-3     Junior Green Thumbs  Two Green Thumbs District 10 Lacey Aquaro                                          

  1. Flower Show   No entries
  2. Scrapbook

10A K-3     Garden BEES           Trent Woods GC            District 11

10B 4-6       Little Sprouts                    Woodland GC    District 9

10C 7-9       Rosey Girls             Raleigh GC        District 10

  1. Arbor Day

11A K-3     Kinder-Gardeners      Cape Fear GC     District 11

  1. Butterfly

12A K-3     The Little Sprouts    New Hanover GC District 11

  1. Special Needs

13A K-3     Kinder-Gardeners      Cape Fear GC     District 11  Logan Carenbauer

  1. NGC Contests

            14A K-3     The Hummers           Mountain GC     District 1

Note: Best All Around Club is based on the rating sheets. All other awards must complete an award application.

2016 NGC Poetry Contest

GCNC had one youth garden club to participate in this contest with four entries; all in the Kindergarten category. The Little Sprouts did a great job with the theme: Croaking, Leaping, Frogs. These poems were judged by a panel of NC Kindergarten teachers. Each entry will receive their score sheet along with their poem entry. The responsible party must sign as receiving these items.

1st place: Finn Gray

2nd place: Pepper Sullivan

3rd place: Ava Rivenbark

Honorable Mention: Grayson Register

The first place winner was sent for SAR competition.

Poems for national winners are published in a booklet and each winner receives a booklet.


2016 Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Poster Contest

GCNC garden club members worked with four schools and 16 classroom teachers to promote the contest. 280 students were encouraged to enter the contest; 145 posters were entered.

Grade 1

1st Place: Rose Eudy              2nd Place: Ashlyn Thalgott    3rd Place: Reily Johnson     Sponsor: Pinnacle GC   Sponsor: Mountain GC         Sponsor: Cape Fear GC

Grade 2

1st Place: Lourdes Pena          2nd Place: Jaylin Raby         3rd Place: Nathaniel Fitzgerald Sponsor: Pinnacle GC           Sponsor: Mountain GC             Sponsor: Trent Woods GC

Grade 3

1st Place: Jayne Marchetti      2nd Place: Wyatt Wilson                                                     Sponsor: Pinnacle GC             Sponsor: Mountain GC

Grade 4

1st Place: Karson Cook                                                                                              Sponsor: Pinnacle GC

Grade 5

Kimberly Tisi                                                                                                         Sponsor: Pinnacle GC