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What’s Up – activities and events


The Westhaven Garden Club started a new library program today called Bookworms in the Garden. DSCF4162

Presenter Darene Honeycutt will read a short book about a garden topic followed by a garden related activity.  The objective of the project is to get children interested in reading through gardening.  The program is free of charge, but the children attending must check out a gardening book from the Dunn Library (where the program is held).  The program will be offered to the public the last Saturday of each month from 10 -11:30 A.M.  Children may sign up to join The Junior Garden Club of Dunn sponsored by the Westhaven Garden Club.


A brief overview of the program was given today and students were surveyed for areas of interest.  The featured book was Butterflies by Emily Neye.  Each child potted a Wandering Jew plant and received a fuzzy bee and Marigold seeds to plant at their homes.  The door prize was a Birding Kit donated by Marcia Loudon of GCNC.


Newsletter article for Garden BEES-last meeting on June 3, 2015

What a great gathering we had with the Garden BEES! We were joined by Darene Honeycutt, 3rd Vice President of GCNC, new Youth Chair, who was anxious to meet our award-winning group! Traditionally we hand out certificates of participation to the class plus individual awards. These are the awards which were presented at the GCNC Annual Meeting which was held here in April. Out of 28 Youth clubs in the state our students won Best All Round Club in addition to First place in Horticulture, Civic Development and Beautification, and Arbor Day. Two BEES won individual awards: Saniyah won First Place for her Cardinal drawing and Alexis won for her bird essay. These girls were elated to open the envelopes and find $10 bill in each! As the other BEES oohed and ahhed, Ms. Buck, their teacher, reminded them that maybe next time try harder and they could win! A good lesson noted!

We reviewed many of our lessons from this past year as our ladies

served ice cream w/all the trimmings including local blueberries and strawberries…to emphasize the healthy foods available here in Craven County (as we topped the servings w/whipped cream, sprinkles and chocolate syrup. )

Darene presented each of our students with a pretty BEE bookmark. She quizzed them on all facets of gardening (parts of plants,etc) and rewarded each with a seed packet. We may see lots of flowers growing all over our area this summer!! Garden Ladies gave out goodie bags for summer enjoyment..the bags had a book (about nature), sidewalk chalk, pencils, rubber ball and other treats. And, of course, our last comment was to “Lend a Hand, Care for the Land” and Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” as Woodsy has taught us!

Thanks to our TWGC Garden Ladies who have always come through with ideas and encouragement to keep the BEES bzzzzy: Sylvia Cotton, Frances Eder, Eileen Griswold, Carol Letellier, Mary McElrath, Kathy Perretta, Dona Baker, and Kris Storrs.

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