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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a lengthy Call Letter. Read it and if you plan to go use it, if not don’t waste your time and paper to run it off. If you do plan to go, would you please let me know that you will be attending.

Call Letter to NGC Fall Board Meeting 2018

National Garden Clubs, Inc.,

4401 Magnolia Ave.,

St. Louis, MO 63110;

314-776-7574; email:;


President: Nancy L. Hargroves,

300 North Ridge Rd. #76; Richmond VA 23009

Home: 804-784-0103 Cell: 804-363-0771;





NGC Fall Board Meeting 2018 Sept 25-30, 2018 Orlando, FL Rosen Hotel

NGC Annual Convention 2019. April 30May 5, 2019 Biloxi, MS Beau Rivage

P. Allen Smith- NGC Brochure (revised)

There was an overwhelming response to the PLANT AMERICA Community Project Grants Program.  415 garden clubs applied in the first year of this new NGC program!  This is wonderful that so many clubs are active in their communities.
This level of response shows the needs of NGC’s clubs.  One of our roles as a national organization is to support our clubs in accomplishing our mission.  NGC must do all it can to expand the funding for these grants to help clubs all across the country with their projects.
In order for this fund to increase so that NGC can give more grants, P. Allen Smith is providing a fundraising opportunity for PLANT AMERICA Grants.  He offered his gardening and business advice and expertise for the plant selection, for obtaining the plants and for the method of distribution to our members.  He believes in our organization’s purpose and mission and has helped develop this promotion in many ways by giving his time, his staff’s time and by donating a very generous percentage of the sales.
I am very proud to announce that beginning March 1 and ending June 15, National Garden Clubs will be selling plants selected by P. Allen Smith.  This promotion, entitled Inspiring Gardens Across America, includes three different collections of plants.  Each item was chosen because of a special feature in its hybridization for performance or beauty or for its limited availability in the general marketplace.
1.       Peony Flowering Daylily Collection. This collection includes three of the most prolific reblooming double-flowering daylilies.
2.       Sunpatiens® ‘Razzle Dazzle’ Collection. This is not your grandmother’s impatiens!  SunPatiens® is a hybrid impatiens bred by Sakata. These remarkable plants represent a breakthrough in flower breeding: they are sun–loving and bloom from spring through frost.  P. Allen Smith has grown these in containers and on the grounds of Moss Mountain Farm where they survive the hot summers of Arkansas with no wilting.  Each of the four cultivars was picked as the one that is the most vigorous in the series.
3.       Whitewashed Wooden Stand with Succulents. This selection is for succulent lovers and those who no longer have a garden!  The whitewashed wooden stand of reclaimed wood holds three pots of succulents.    It’s also a great gift item for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other spring occasions.
More detailed descriptions of these plants are included in the brochure/order form that is attached.
Orders can be placed in two ways:
1.    NGC Website Online Shopping –
2.    Mail a check with the order form to NGC headquarters, 4401 Magnolia Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110.  The order form in the brochure can be used, or the order form can be downloaded from the NGC website on the PLANT AMERICA page:  
Orders will be accepted starting March 1Please note:  some items will be shipped when it is appropriate for your growing zone. Order early while supplies last.
This promotion is not meant to be “We’ve got a bargain for you.”  These are quality items chosen by P. Allen Smith that he knows will perform well in your home and garden or as a gift for someone.  Allen and NGC share the goal of “Inspiring Gardens Across America” by contributing to the PLANT AMERICA Grant Fund so that we may give as much help as possible to NGC-member garden clubs in their projects all across America.
Our purchases will help grow the NGC PLANT AMERICA Grant Program.  Thank you for your support, as all of us working together can benefit so many of our garden clubs throughout the country.
                                                                                                            Nancy Hargroves

2017-2019 NGC Administration Theme Projects

PLANT AMERICA Community Project Grants – 2018 and application


KIT May 2018-final

KIT February 2018

THE NATIONAL GARDENER is available online

There are many great articles so if you are not a club president, life member, district director then you now can also read the National Gardener.

It requires a password so follow these instructions to get to read a great quarterly magazine.

Go to our members only section

Look for TNG Online and download and enjoy a great read.

The NGC website is; user name member; password pumpkin.




AMES + NGC = Gardening!

NGC formed a new partnership with The AMES Companies, Inc. in 2014. Founded in 1774, AMES is the largest U.S.A. manufacturer of gardening tools. Over the coming year, AMES will grant tools up to a total of $5,000 (retail) for all approved state or club landscaping projects/programs. The total amount available for all grants is $5,000. Clubs can apply for portions of the $5,000, as this amount is available to share. This partnership started in October 2014 and runs for one year ending in October 2015.

To submit a project/program, please click here to fill out the entry form, or send a summary of the project, indicating the the what, when, why and where of the event – what the project is; what is the garden club involvement in the project; why the tools are needed; what tools are requested (please include name of tool and item number); where the tools are to be securely stored; when the project will take place; where (location) including the address where the tools are to be sent.

If you choose to send a written summary, send by email to:
Elaine Gunderson ( or

The AMES Companies, Inc.’s tools can be found on their website:


Penny Pines


In 1941, the San Francisco Sports-Women’s Association recognized a great need to restore devastated areas of forests. They raised money and donated it to the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Northern California. This conservation program spread like wildfire across the nation. In 1941, seedlings could be produced for about a penny. It took approximately 680 seedlings to plant one acre. For $68, seedlings could be purchased for ten acres. The forestry service absorbed the cost of the site preparation and planting. In 1964, the cooperative agreement was changed to be used for reforestation, rather than solely for purchasing seedlings.

Through the years, civic organizations have contributed more than a million dollars to the Reforestation Program. The National Garden Clubs, Inc. promotes the Penny Pines Program as one of their projects. For each contribution of $68, NGC will mail a certificate. Donations can be made in memory or in honor of someone. A completed form must be submitted with the donation in order to receive the certificate. Contributions can be designated to specific states. Form may be found at:

Penny Pines Awards are presented at the NGC Convention: Most Plantings, Best Education program to promote Penny Pines.


The Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc.

Youth Program will be collecting Penny Pines donations to honor the North Carolina Forestry Service for their 100 years of service. Our youth challenge adult GCNC clubs to make a contribution. Smokey Bear will be our guest of honor at the 2016 GCNC Annual Youth Awards Banquet to help us celebrate our achievements.


 Birds and Butterflies

There will be a new Monarch Butterfly pin which will be available for $10.00 on the NGC website under Shop Online, NGC Official Jewelry.

There is a wealth of information about the Monarch butterfly on the NGC website under Projects, President’s Projects, Monarch Watch.

The “Butterfly Gardening” booklet will be revised by the chairman.  It will be available on the NGC Website for free.  Or it may be ordered in printed form for $3.00.

The NGC website is

NGC Chairmen are:  Birds, Nan Jean Roller,; Butterflies, Marian McNabb, or

GCNC Chairman is:  Marilyn Wright,