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District 4

Members of the Advance Garden Club gave a presentation to the Davie YMCA Lunch and Learn Group. Members brought plants in a container that would normally have another use. Each member described their plant and asked the audience to guess the previous use of the container. The audience worked as a group to guess so there were prizes for all.


The Advance Garden Club recently announced the winner of their Yard Of the Month contest for the month of May 2018.  Chris Jones of Oak Valley is the recipient of the award.  His well-manicured lawn is the centerpiece of his yard.  He has created a spreadsheet to record seeding, weeding, watering, fertilizing and mowing that has resulted in a spectacular lawn. In addition to his lawn, complimentary plantings in his park-like setting include magnolia trees, smoke bush, spirea, variegated liriope, crepe myrtle and many varieties of colorful shrub roses.  His attention to detail in his garden is evident everywhere you look.  Advance Garden Club is proud to recognize and congratulate Chris Jones for his hard work and love of gardening.

Joan Wilson, Cinde Mann, Cinde Rinn, Jacquelyn Bargoil, Susan Murphy, and Susan Hayworth shown with one of the new beds

The Advance Garden Club has adopted the garden at the Clemmons Novant Hospital. Colorful flowers were placed in several urns outside the infusion room in the hope that patients could enjoy them while receiving treatments. Flowers were also planted in other areas with the theme of pink in honor of breast cancer awareness.  As the seasons change different flowers will be added. The members take turns regularly weeding and watering the plants throughout the year.

Cinde Rinn and Sharon Murphy shown in front of one of the urns


Each year members of the Advance Garden Club

gather early one morning to unload all of the geraniums and potted plants that have been sold as one of their annual fundraisers. We so appreciate all the friends and neighbors who buy from us every year to support the club projects.


Mountain View Gardeners Garden Club explores “Out of Africa….The African Violet”

Charlotte Croft, District 4 Director with The Garden Club of N.C. Inc.

The District 4 Director, Charlotte Croft visited the Mountain View Gardeners Garden Club in Mount Airy on Thursday, March 1st at the William Alfred Moore House. She led club members on an exploration titled “Out of Africa…The African Violet”. Ms. Croft explained the tropical plant was discovered in the east African nation of Tanzania. Because of its ability to bloom during the winter months, it became a popular houseplant in 1960. She refers to  African Violets as the Goldilocks of plants. Her reason being these beautiful plants “like it just right” ….. not too hot, cold, light, dark, wet, dry in order to thrive. She shared the secrets to success with growing African Violets and the technique of dividing the plants and properly propagating new ones. Ms. Croft cautioned members about potential problems that frequently occur when working with African Violets and she recommended remedies.  This expedition ended with the  description of  requirements for the plant to be judged in a flower show: a minimum of twenty blooms with only one crown and five steps of leaves. Our District 4 Director divulged incredible insight and incentive on the care and maintenance of this blooming beauty, the African Violet.

Mr. Don Smith (left) presents NC Wildflower Program to Mountain View Gardeners Garden Cub


On April 5th, the Mountain View Gardeners Garden Club was visited by Mr. Don Smith from Raleigh with the NCDOT Roadside Environmental Unit.  He presented a program titled “Wildflowers on the NC Roadside”. Club members were informed with a factoid that our state has the nation’s second largest maintained road system behind Texas. The NC Wildflower Program began in 1985. The purchase of personalized license plates assist with the funding of this highway  beautification effort.  Wildflowers bordering the North Carolina roadsides consist with one-third each of annuals, perennials and natives.  Along our Surry County roads there is evidence of pollinator plantings by the NCDOT of sunflowers and milkweed for bees, butterflies, wasps and flies. The benefits of the NC Wildflower Program include food sustainability, tourism and economic development. Mr. Smith gave each of the the Mountain View Gardeners a pack of Wildflower Mix to plant in order to enhance more wildflower gardening endeavors in our local community.

*Reeds Fern & Foliage GC,  a poem by President Kathy Elmore

POEM about 2017-2018 Year of the GC. click to read

Installation for Bermuda Run Garden Club

Phoebe Kirkman, installed officers at Bermuda Run GC


Container Gardening Tips

The Advance Garden Club met on March 13 at Mocks United Methodist Church. The guest speaker was Danielle Mooney from the House of Plants. She provided tips on container planting while creating the wonderful arrangements seen in the picture.

Bermuda Run Garden Club

February 7, 2018

Installation of Officers

By Alice Bostrom

Even though February 7 was a gloomy rainy day, the Bermuda Run Garden Club’s annual meeting to install officers for 2018-2019 was a bright, beaming occasion.

Ladies gathered at Bermuda Run Country Club for a delicious luncheon and review of the garden club’s accomplishments in 2017. Hostesses, Peggy Schuppert and Pat Mignacca provided the centerpiece of a bright pink Cyclamen with Valentine hearts interspersed.

Phebe Kirkman, Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Garden Club of North Carolina installed the new officers:

President – Bonnie Rockaway

1st Vice President – Amanda McBride

2nd Vice President – Lynn Marcellino

Secretary – P.J. Guerra

Treasurer – Martha Apple

In her remarks, Mrs. Kirkman reminded the officers of their duties as related to the manner in which geese maintain their V-shape in flight, helping other members as the need arises.

New Beginnings for Advance Garden Club

The Advance Garden Club met on February 13 at Mocks Methodist Church. Installation of new officers for the Club were conducted by Bermuda Run Garden Club member, Karen Coley. She used flowers to illustrate the characteristics of officers. Outgoing President, Barbara Martin was honored for her two years of service.

Sold on Succulents!

The Advance Garden Club met February at Mocks Methodist Church. Our guest speaker was Tinne Leonard of Beth’s Greenhouse in Lexington. Mrs. Leonard presented a very knowledgeable program on how to grow and propagate succulent plants. She shared tips on arranging succulents for planting in small containers and how to keep them alive through the winter months.

Bugs and Pests Presentation

Advance Garden Club met January 9th at Novant Health Clemmons Medical Center. Our guest speaker was Pam Jones, Horticultural Agent for Davie and Yadkin County Extension. Ms. Jones shared important tips for taking proper care of houseplants and how to identify and get rid of pesky plant insects.

Advance Garden Club members,Nancy Riden and Carol O’Keefe decorated the dining room for Thanksgiving at Bermuda Commons Nursing Home in Advance, NC.

The Advance Garden Club met Tuesday, November 14 in the Golding Conference Room at Novant Health Clemmons Medical Center. Our speaker was plant expert, Danielle Mooney, who presented tips on fall container gardening with an emphasis on planting bulbs. Pictured below, from left to right, are our ribbon winners from the Dixie Classic Fair: Denise Brown, Sharon Murphy, Betty Marzano, Jacquelyn.



Bermuda Run Garden Club has been most interested in the long awaited new Davie High School.  Beginning in March, 2017 while construction progressed, the garden club began talking to Mr. Nicholson, Principal and Michael Spillman, head of maintenance.  Shelby Nichols has served as the garden club chairperson for a landscaping project at the new Davie High School.  As Shelby and Bonnie Rockaway, Bermuda Run Garden Club President visited the site several times talking to administrators, all agreed that our landscaping project should focus on the courtyard in the school.  This area has picnic tables for students and the addition of 7 pots planted with Arborvitae shrubs would provide a plant feature for such a large outdoor space.

Once the location and scope of the landscaping project was determined, Shelby went to work obtaining the pots and plants.  Mr. James Rodgers at Nature’s Way Nursery on Highway 801 was able to order these large pots and the shrubs which we wanted.  On August 16th, the school sent trucks, trailers, a bobcat and manpower to get all 7 pots, Arborvitae shrubs, potting soil and pine bark nuggets delivered to the sight.  We are also pleased that the plants will be maintained by students in Horticulture classes during the school year. Mr. Rodgers planted all in preparation for the Ribbon Cutting at Davie High School on August 17th.

Bermuda Run Garden Club has been helping with back-to-school efforts each year by giving backpacks to some returning students and this year, we are very pleased that these backpacks are going to students at Davie High School.

By Alice Bostrom