Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc.
P. O. Box 33520
Raleigh, NC 27636-3520


Physical Location:
J.C. Raulston Arboretum
4415 Beryl Road
Raleigh, NC


Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 9:00-5:00


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Rules in Members Only
Marcia Loudon, Website Chairman

Membership Overview

Membership – Be Proactive About Membership

Be Proactive About Membership Leaflet printable to pass out to your local area


The Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc., a federated garden club, is a 501c3 non-profit volunteer organization. It has no restrictions based upon race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, or national origin.

It currently has 265 clubs and over 6,500 members in 140 towns and cities across the state. The Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc., is a member of the South Atlantic Region of National Garden Clubs, Inc.

National Garden Clubs, Inc. is composed of 50 State Garden Clubs and the National Capital Area, 198,595 members in 6,218 member garden clubs. National Garden Clubs, Inc. is proud to recognize 447 International Affiliates…from Canada to Mexico and South America…from Bermuda to South Africa, Australia and Japan, as well as 149 National Affiliates within the United States.

National Garden Clubs is the largest organized group of gardeners in the world. The mission of National Garden Clubs is to provide education, resources, and networking opportunities for its members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, civic and environmental responsibility.

All 265 individual garden clubs and their each of their members are also members of National Garden Clubs in the South Atlantic Region. The South Atlantic Region is composed of five states; North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia.

Membership offers many benefits from personal enrichment to community outreach. Make new friends, participate in a hobby that enhances your physical and mental well being; work with youth of all ages, and the aged or handicapped in garden therapy; learn horticulture, floral design, and landscaping…These are just some of the benefits of joining a garden club!

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Below are links to 2 videos of interest about garden clubing.
Click on the link and scroll down until you see the membership on the left-hand side.
This is a longer video from National Garden Clubs which gives history, objectives, activities, etc..

Both of them are well-done. It is hoped all clubs to can use them in someway to increase  membership.