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Blue & Gold Star Memorials


Paula Hartman

The Blue Star Memorial Marker Program has been very active here in North Carolina over the past two years. Markers have been placed in Veterans Centers and on Highways and By-Ways to honor all Armed Forces of the United States of America. Of special note is the By-Way Marker placed at the Dunn Veterans Park in November which was sponsored by the Junior Garden Clubs of Dunn which is the FIRST Blue Star Marker in the nation sponsored by a youth club.

The Blue Star Memorial Marker is a project of the National Garden Club. This project is explained in full under the National Garden Club website and also here in North Carolina under the NCDOT website. A federated garden club must sponsor the marker, but there are many ways of funding this tribute. One can reach out to local civic organizations to help with financing, construction, planting and maintenance. The dedication is always a special event for the town or area where the marker will be placed.

The process from ordering the marker to the actual dedication is about 10 weeks. NCDOT installs and maintains the highway marker.

If you have a marker which needs refurbishing, there is a veteran from Florida, Tom Stalling, who will come to NC and rehab the marker on site rather than shipping it to Sewell Studios which can be costly.

There are over 90 markers in our state. What a wonderful tribute to the men and women who have served, are serving and will serve. For more information, contact Paula Hartman at

Poppies for WWI Centenial

link to flyer



The Clubs in District 9 in conjuction with the NC Department of Transportation, Garden Club of NC, Daughters of the American Revolution and Veterans Affairs are planting poppies and blue cornflowers to make the public aware of World War I and the veterans who served.
Although barely anything survived in the muddy wasteland of the Western Front, by a miracle of nature one flower not only bloomed but thrived.
The fact that the flowers were bright scarlet added to the uncanny aptness of the symbolism: the fragile red petals vividly suggested the spilt blood of the millions of young men who had died, while the growth of these flowers against all the odds represented hope in the face of despair.
Since the end of the conflict the poppy has been an internationally recognized sign of remembrance, for the Great War.




New from NGC for 2015 was the addition of a Gold Star marker to allow Gold Star Families who have lost a loved one defending the USA to sponsor a Gold Star marker.  Prices will remain the same through May 1, 2016.

It was announced that Blue Star pin are available for $10.00 through Member Services on the NGC website under Shop Online, NGC official jewelry.


If you have markers that are in need of restoration, you might want to check with as a source for this service.


The 2015 guidelines for Blue Star and Gold Star markers are on the NGC website under Projects, Ongoing Projects, Blue Star Memorials.


Another NGC program that is related to Blue Star markers is the Sage and Roses.  This program involves sending greeting cards on holidays to servicemen and others along with a $1.00 donation for each.  The money goes into a fund which is used to fund a BSM for the winning states.  Details are available on the NGC website under Projects, Ongoing Projects, Sage and Roses.


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